Trends in Tulum and Riviera Maya 2024 | CETES, construction, saturation of Vacation Rentals

Conoce los Nuevos Pueblos Mágicos

In the vibrant real estate landscape, paradigms are shifting. From the evolution of vacation rentals to the growing demand for long-term housing, the market offers a range of opportunities and challenges that require deep understanding and strategic vision. Our advisors at Vrico had an insightful conversation about all the 2024 trends emerging in the Tulum and Riviera Maya market, and we decided to compile the highlights to keep you informed.

The transition from vacation rentals to long-term investment is a trend that has gained momentum in recent years. It’s no longer just about offering properties for short stays, but about building a solid foundation for the future. This evolution has been driven by the perceived lower risk offered by long-term contracts, as well as the potential for appreciation that certain well-chosen properties possess.

It’s essential for advisors to educate investors about the various investment options available and how they align with their financial goals. From acquiring land for housing construction to purchasing properties with long-term profitability potential, each decision must be informed and supported by a thorough analysis of the market and current trends.

In this regard, Tulum presents different opportunities depending on the area and investment timeframe. From established areas like Aldea Zama to emerging regions like region 12 or region 15, each location has its own pace of development and potential profitability. It’s crucial for your advisor to speak to you candidly and in detail about when and where you can expect to achieve significant returns on your investment.

Custom home construction emerges as an attractive alternative for those seeking more solid and lasting investments. Although it’s common knowledge that building is more profitable than buying already built, many investors overlook this option because, unlike receiving the keys to an apartment, receiving land is less romantic and the ensuing process tends to be seen as “problems,” whether it’s due to hiring architects, managers, and others, or directly due to permits. But the reality is that when you’re properly advised, the process is straightforward, which is why the relationships and connections your real estate agency has are important. When we hand over a plot, we like to provide our investors with a selection of architects and link them with the appropriate managers so that their property not only has the design they desire but also controls the quality of the materials, ensuring greater long-term satisfaction and a rewarding investment experience.

Ultimately, the real estate market in Tulum and the Riviera Maya offers a unique balance between risk and reward. While each investment comes with its own set of challenges, understanding market trends and adapting to them can lead to satisfactory financial results and successful long-term investment.

Mexico’s advantage is that there’s no risk of loss. The question here isn’t whether you’ll profit, but when and how you’ll profit. Taking this into account is crucial, as the client’s decision will also depend on it. As we mentioned at the beginning when discussing the benefits of long-term rentals, in the country, without a bursting bubble, profits may seem lower compared to other markets where astronomical profits can be perceived in brief periods. Instead, here you’ll see secure and stable gains, with zero risk of loss.

In summary, 2024 promises to be an exciting year for the real estate market in Tulum and the Riviera Maya, with thrilling opportunities for those willing to navigate the changing waters of the sector. With a solid understanding of the market and a strategic approach, the future looks bright for investors and property owners alike.

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