The Return of Azulik: Tulum’s ‘Habitable Sculptures’

Those familiar with Tulum know that there is perhaps no piece of architecture more synonymous with its inimitable combination of forward thinking and rustic than Azulik.

But that was always reserved to the hotel set.

Now, investors get a chance to own their own piece of the world’s greatest pieces of residential architecture with the new and coming soon Habitable Sculptures.

The seed of this architectural marvel was first sown at the Azulik Uh May Art Center, where the visionary aesthetics of Roth Architecture and AZULIK found a harmonious blend. Here, a masterstroke of design concepts and artistic intentions came to life, propelling AZULIK’s continual evolution.

This state-of-the-art complex boldly challenges the conventional norms of construction and design, turning the spotlight on contemporary edifices. Offering an innovative alternative, the project weaves nature into its framework, nurturing a unique living experience that connects the individual to the world beyond. Roth, the visionary CEO and Founder of AZULIK, emphasizes the project’s aim to reconnect humanity to nature, themselves, and the world around them, through the trifecta of ancestral wisdom, artistic expression, and natural immersion.

In the heart of the jungle, step into spaces that breathe freedom, adaptability, and play with light to marry interior and exterior landscapes seamlessly. Each residence guarantees unobstructed views of the wild, integrating smoothly into the architectural narrative that fosters unity with nature.

The glass panes let in ample natural light, balanced delicately with an artful lighting design that glorifies the structural contours while crafting inviting and aesthetically pleasing spaces. From liana-inspired ceiling lights to elegant concrete elements, natural textiles, and fine details, every part of this dynamic dwelling exudes a one-of-a-kind charm.

Spread over an expansive 1.5 Ha, the AZULIK Residences compound boasts of 4 impressive towers with 88 apartments, replete with wellness amenities like a jungle gym, a yoga shala, and a curated selection of art from SFER IK Museion. Luxuriate in a host of social amenities including a restaurant, bar, pools, boutique, and fire pit.

Offering ten types of apartments, ranging from a snug 90 square meters to a sprawling 300 square meters, each unit boasts of a private terrace, with some units featuring rooftops, fire pits, and plunge pools. Roth Design presents an exclusive furniture customization service and decorative art pieces that add to the grandeur of the space. With the craftsmanship of AZULIK’s creative gurus, the iconic style of the brand comes to life, rendering a tailored living experience in the heart of nature that embodies the spirit of slow-living philosophy.

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