The Future of Tulum

Tulum’s richness is in its nature. No question about it. Today, businessmen, society and the government are on the same page and share one goal: a bright future for Tulum. In order to make it even more promising, they have come together to achieve responsible growth, one that respects nature and supports communities and the environment.

Tulum is a paradise in constant evolution. Very soon, its future will become an example for the entire world. Developers are creating an awaken paradise, aware of our environment so alive, so present. This has worked like a magnet with the international community; the progressive people who work to preserve natural beauty. Today, those most interested in caring for our planet have set their eyes on Tulum.

In this Magical Town, sustainability is not an option it’s a must. And, it is the developer’s responsibility to implement sustainable systems, water treatment and renewable energy production to avoid damaging the ecosystem. Today it is no longer possible to think about a future without considering the sustainability of each project.

This is how the real estate market in Tulum is getting stronger and stronger. The developments offer a completely renewed concept of accommodation, private properties and tourism.

In a very close future, Tulum will have a community immersed in the Mayan jungle that will stand out for its green constructions such as Selvazama, a majestic space that meets the most sustainability standards, where each community within the development protects nature.

Thanks to these types of projects, more responsible growth is taking place, as they promote a healthier lifestyle. As a result, its inhabitants can enjoy nature and live surrounded by lush vegetation while they relax.

It is necessary to have these new conscious developments, because the strategy of the Mayan Train (which is expected to begin in 2023) aims to create a first section that goes from Cancun to Tulum.

This will multiply the number of visitors exponentially. Therefore, we must be prepared to receive in a responsible manner the bright future that Tulum holds.




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