The Caribbean Dream: Why is the Black Community Choosing Tulum?

Tulum, Mexico, is a destination that has captured the imagination and hearts of many people around the world, especially the black community seeking new opportunities and a better quality of life. This Caribbean paradise, known for its white sand beaches, crystal clear waters and vibrant nightlife, is becoming a hotspot for black expats who find here an opportunity to thrive and form a strong community.


Economic Growth and Opportunities


Since 2010, Tulum has experienced a percentage population growth of 5% per year, making it an attractive spot for black professionals and entrepreneurs. This growth has been largely driven by the rise of black-owned businesses, from yacht clubs to upscale concept stores and local cafes. Notable examples include the catering company Highly Catered, founded by chef Glodie Bakajika, and The Black Hause, which organizes luxury tours in Tulum, Cancun and Cabo.


The black community in Tulum finds not only economic opportunities, but also a welcoming and safe environment. Jesus “Scrappy” Venson, an African-American from Cleveland, Ohio and Washington DC, moved to Tulum in March 2021 and has emphasized how safe the area is for black people. “I’ve been here three years and I’ve never known of people of color being attacked, robbed, murdered, assaulted or anything like that,” commented Venson for The New Pittsburgh Courier who resigned from his management in Washington DC upon learning of the opportunities in the Mexican Caribbean.


But it’s not just the city’s growth that has fueled Tulum’s boom, for years now, the once small town has become one of the world’s top tourist destinations and is about to get a big boost with the opening of the Felipe Carrillo Puerto International Airport, located just 12 miles southwest of Tulum. This new airport, which will open in December 2023, will make access to this paradisiacal destination even easier. Delta Airlines, American Airlines and Spirit Airlines, for example, have already announced daily non-stop flights from Atlanta, Miami, Chicago, etc. which promises to make Tulum an even more accessible destination for black tourists and expats.


Community and Support


Due to the increase of black expats and tourists in Tulum, the need to create community was created, and so came Black in Tulum, an avant-garde group of creative black people, which has been a crucial factor in the establishment of this community. Founded in July 2020 by Nubia Younge, this group organizes exclusive events and memorable experiences for black travelers. With over 25,000 members, Black in Tulum is dedicated to providing resources, recommendations and support to the black community visiting or settling in Tulum.


While Mexico is not without its problems of racism, black expats in Tulum find that having American or Western privileges provides unique opportunities to create a better environment for all black people in Mexico. Supporting local businesses, such as restaurants, grocery stores, etc. is one way to contribute positively to the community.


Tulum is establishing itself as a destination of choice for the global black community. With its economic opportunities, safe and welcoming environment, and strong support network, this Caribbean paradise offers a life of prosperity and growth for those looking for a fresh start. Tulum is not just a tourist destination, but a potential home where the black community can flourish and find a sense of belonging and community.


In short, Tulum represents a unique opportunity for the black community looking for a place to live near the Caribbean Sea, surrounded by natural beauty and a supportive community. With steady growth, new infrastructure and a welcoming community, Tulum is becoming the Caribbean dream for many and perhaps the perfect place for black people.


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