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Biophilic Architecture: Building Green Cities

Biophilic architecture is one of the latest trends in urban and architectural design that integrates the main characteristics of nature such as natural light, air flow, noble materials and vegetation.

Biophilia is defined as the level at which human beings connect with nature and other life forms. It is not a new term. For millions of years, human beings have been related to their environment and created a need to be in contact with nature and living beings. However, urbanizations have degraded the environment by breaking the connection and separating us from our essence.

In response to this rupture, biophilic architecture was born. This new trend incorporates natural elements into its urban or interior designs so that human beings reconnect with nature.


Since well-being is multifactorial, as we improve our environment, health also presents beneficial changes. Thus, having natural elements in sight in both closed and open spaces improves people’s health and well-being and has great benefits. In offices, for example, the following has been observed:

• Increase in workers creativity and efficiency

• Increase in learning capacity

• Decrease in stress

• Social bonds

• Greater sense of community

In architecture and biophilic design the following factors must be considered:

Visual connection with nature

In order to stimulate each of the five senses with this connection, it is necessary to include in the design natural light, natural plants, wood, water and stones.


Sensory stimuli: wind, sun, aromas and birdsong

The connection can also be through the senses. Focusing on the aromas, textures or creating stimuli that refer to natural processes.

Comfortable thermal sensation and natural air flow

Ideally, keep the spaces as open as possible, or give the feeling of being in an open place. The air must flow naturally.

Presence and sounds of water or fire

The areas that incorporate these elements provide serenity to the environment. This improves the experience by providing an auditory connection such as the crackling of fire or the sound of flowing water.

Connection with natural systems

It is important that the place is surrounded by green areas, has proximity to parks, beaches, rivers, lakes, squares or natural environments.

In short, this type of architecture and design includes better lighting, more fresh air, the use of non-toxic products, natural elements such as plants, water, stones, etc. In addition, it helps reduce the environmental impact.

In the Riviera Maya, more and more developers have joined this trend by creating homes that blend with the environment. In VRICO Real Estate we have an exclusive catalog of green condos that, besides being immersed in lush vegetation, they have a biophilic architecture and design that lets you reconnect with nature.

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Sustainability: the new investment trend

How can architecture change the world?

The Mayan Riviera is a place where you can find countless natural beauties and great tourist attractions. This is the reason why more than 21 million people visit the destination every year and, therefore, is a key point for real estate investment and construction.

So much has been said about the importance of exploiting land in a sustainable way and thinking about the future. Although there are many gaps in the municipal and federal regulations in our country, there are developers who are making the difference by adding this necessary trend when building housing complexes. They realized the economic, social and environmental benefits that this creates, so they are now doing business in a more sustainable way.

In this journey, the developers must be the ones who encourage the change through the design of buildings according to their environmental conditions, which is important for real sustainability.

Day after day a new real estate development is planned and month after month we see how luxury condos are being built within the Riviera Maya, but NOT all of them are planned thinking about our environment. Sustainability in architecture focuses on the development of projects taking advantage of available renewable resources.

Real estate developments with a true vision of the future are implementing these technologies to get a better value and to help preserve our natural wealth and the beauty of our land. This is sustainability.

Could Tulum be the first sustainable destination in Mexico?

A clear example of what we just mentioned above is Tulum, Quintana Roo. Although, there’s a lot of work to do and measures to implement, many developers are setting up these sustainable techniques:

  • Sewage treatment
  • Biodigestores
  • Captation of rainwater
  • Solar Technology
  • Ecological materials and the region
  • Architectural Architecture

If you are looking for a good investment opportunity and you are interested in sustainability, you should know that there are some real estate projects in the Riviera Maya that have a sustainable philosophy.

Actually, one of the first projects that merged sustainability with luxury surrounded by the jungle is located in the heart of Tulum. This project has a wastewater treatment system, solar panels for electricity and an architecture that allows the use of light and natural resources in a more efficient way.

You can find condos that create the perfect balance between nature and a contemporary design with the use of eco technologies, an others with a more organic design that will allow the growth of endemic plants in the region.

In any case, in VRICO Real Estate we have sort through hundreds of listings

-that called themselves sustainable- and have selected the real ones just for you. Check out our selection of truly sustainable luxury homes in Tulum. Invest with style.