Michelin Stars: The Gastronomic Guide of the Riviera Maya

The Michelin Guide has become one of the most prestigious references in the world of gastronomy, a sort of Oscars when it comes to food, playing a crucial role not only in the recognition but also in the promotion of culinary excellence. What began in France around 1900 as an advertising effort by a young brand of Michelin tires evolved to become a symbol of quality in world gastronomy, extending beyond France to cover a wide variety of international cuisines.


Our Gastronomy: World Heritage


As for Mexico, its cuisine has been recognized, especially since UNESCO named it Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity in 2010. This recognition boosted the appreciation of the diversity and richness of Mexican gastronomy around the world. And to complement this, recently, the Michelin Guide has awarded several restaurants in the Riviera Maya, highlighting the region as a top gastronomic destination.


Michelin Star Restaurants in the Riviera Maya


The Michelin Guide 2024 has awarded stars to three restaurants in the Riviera Maya, recognizing their culinary excellence and creativity.


·       Le Chique (Jonatán Gómez Luna)


Located in Puerto Morelos, Le Chique stands out for its avant-garde approach and its evolutionary and creative signature cuisine process. This restaurant, directed by chef Jonatán Gómez Luna, offers a gastronomic experience that combines innovation in Mexican cuisine with international culinary techniques.


·       Há (Carlos Gaytán and Cristian Castillo)


Located at the Xcaret Hotel in Playa del Carmen, Há is the restaurant of the first Mexican chef to win a Michelin star, Carlos Gaytán. Its seven-course tasting menu offers an immersion in Mexican flavors that reflect its roots, complemented by a perfect pairing and a setting that incorporates natural elements.


·       Riviera Maya Signature Cuisine (Nahum Velasco)


This restaurant in Playa del Carmen, directed by Nahum Velasco, seeks to reinterpret contemporary cuisine with a creative and sophisticated approach. Its menu stands out for its quality and originality, having been recognized for its excellent culinary proposal.


Michelin Guide recommendations in the area


There is a widespread urban myth that the restaurants in the guide have inaccessible prices, when the reality is that culinary quality is not necessarily linked to ostentation, therefore, in addition to the Michelin stars, the guide includes a new category: Bib Gourmand, which recognizes restaurants that offer excellent quality at more affordable prices.


Bib Gourmand Restaurants in the Riviera Maya


·      Axiote Mexican Cuisine (Playa del Carmen): This restaurant, headed by Chef Xavier Perez Stone, offers authentic and delicious Mexican cuisine that honors Maya gastronomy.

·      Cetli (Tulum): An authentic Mayan experience with generous dishes that stand out for filling the table with color.

·      Mestixa (Tulum): A restaurant that fuses Mexican and Asian street flavors, offering a diverse and unique dining experience.

·      Punta Corcho (Puerto Morelos): With a focus on fresh seafood and regional cuisine, Punta Corcho is a must-visit destination in the Riviera Maya to experience the tropical influence in gastronomy.


In addition, the Michelin Guide has also recommended several other restaurants in the Riviera Maya, each one offering something special, from Arca or Hartwood with its open fire cuisine, to other names in Tulum such as Autor, Casa Banana, Nü, Posada Margherita, Wild to Playa Del Carmen with Bu’ul or Woodend as well as the mythical taqueria El Fogon where millions of locals enjoyed the taste of the night to Kiosko Verde, La Casa de las Mayoras and Maria Dolores in Cancun, offering a complete tour along the entire Riviera.


Impact on the Local Gastronomic Scene


The diversity and quality of the culinary offerings in the Riviera Maya attract tourists from all over the world, elevating its status as a top gastronomic destination. Playa del Carmen has also gained prominence, standing out for its rich culinary offerings and support for entrepreneurs and innovative chefs.


The inclusion of Riviera Maya restaurants in the Michelin Guide underscores the excellence of Mexican gastronomy. Boosting tourism and the local economy. It is an invitation to discover the flavors and explore the award-winning restaurants for their creativity in one of Mexico’s most vibrant regions. Which one is at the top of your list to visit?

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