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A new Eco-Resort arrives to Tulum, located within Selva Zama

A new sustainable project arrives at Tulum. In the hands of the DNA Architects in collaboration with Zama Desarrollos. This ambitious project proposes to recreate the feeling of protection and security of being in a nest where its inhabitants and guests can reconnect with nature in all its senses.

“Inspired by the primordial sensation of nests and the need for protection.”

COCOON HOTEL & RESORT will be built in Selva Zama. It will consist of 3 residential developments and two hotel buildings with 167 rooms and 16 private villas with ​59,402 square meters.

Each cocoon represents by itself the community that meets at the center, where the pools are, simulating a cenote.

The complex offers luxurious community spaces integrated into nature, such as imposing gardens, magical spaces for outdoor living: villas, multipurpose pavilion, indoor community spaces, leisure areas, a restaurant, and a panoramic nest with impressive views.

Cocoon Hotel & Resort en Tulum
Cocoon Hotel & Resort en Tulum

This project aims to achieve a connection between mind, body, and soul, offering its guests and inhabitants a space to escape from everyday life.

The Architects firm emphasizes the concept of sustainability respecting the ecosystem and biodiversity, contributing to the use of natural materials that minimize the impact of construction and generation of waste.

Cocoon Hotel & Resort en Tulum
Cocoon Hotel & Resort en Tulum

Beyond materials, the water harvesting system will capture rain for use in wastewater treatment. At the same time, the resort will have solar panels to achieve sustainable electricity.

Receive more information about this development and follow its evolution closely.

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The Future of Tulum

Tulum’s richness is in its nature. No question about it. Today, businessmen, society and the government are on the same page and share one goal: a bright future for Tulum. In order to make it even more promising, they have come together to achieve responsible growth, one that respects nature and supports communities and the environment.

Tulum is a paradise in constant evolution. Very soon, its future will become an example for the entire world. Developers are creating an awaken paradise, aware of our environment so alive, so present. This has worked like a magnet with the international community; the progressive people who work to preserve natural beauty. Today, those most interested in caring for our planet have set their eyes on Tulum.

In this Magical Town, sustainability is not an option it’s a must. And, it is the developer’s responsibility to implement sustainable systems, water treatment and renewable energy production to avoid damaging the ecosystem. Today it is no longer possible to think about a future without considering the sustainability of each project.

This is how the real estate market in Tulum is getting stronger and stronger. The developments offer a completely renewed concept of accommodation, private properties and tourism.

In a very close future, Tulum will have a community immersed in the Mayan jungle that will stand out for its green constructions such as Selvazama, a majestic space that meets the most sustainability standards, where each community within the development protects nature.

Thanks to these types of projects, more responsible growth is taking place, as they promote a healthier lifestyle. As a result, its inhabitants can enjoy nature and live surrounded by lush vegetation while they relax.

It is necessary to have these new conscious developments, because the strategy of the Mayan Train (which is expected to begin in 2023) aims to create a first section that goes from Cancun to Tulum.

This will multiply the number of visitors exponentially. Therefore, we must be prepared to receive in a responsible manner the bright future that Tulum holds.




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Biophilic Architecture: Building Green Cities

Biophilic architecture is one of the latest trends in urban and architectural design that integrates the main characteristics of nature such as natural light, air flow, noble materials and vegetation.

Biophilia is defined as the level at which human beings connect with nature and other life forms. It is not a new term. For millions of years, human beings have been related to their environment and created a need to be in contact with nature and living beings. However, urbanizations have degraded the environment by breaking the connection and separating us from our essence.

In response to this rupture, biophilic architecture was born. This new trend incorporates natural elements into its urban or interior designs so that human beings reconnect with nature.


Since well-being is multifactorial, as we improve our environment, health also presents beneficial changes. Thus, having natural elements in sight in both closed and open spaces improves people’s health and well-being and has great benefits. In offices, for example, the following has been observed:

• Increase in workers creativity and efficiency

• Increase in learning capacity

• Decrease in stress

• Social bonds

• Greater sense of community

In architecture and biophilic design the following factors must be considered:

Visual connection with nature

In order to stimulate each of the five senses with this connection, it is necessary to include in the design natural light, natural plants, wood, water and stones.


Sensory stimuli: wind, sun, aromas and birdsong

The connection can also be through the senses. Focusing on the aromas, textures or creating stimuli that refer to natural processes.

Comfortable thermal sensation and natural air flow

Ideally, keep the spaces as open as possible, or give the feeling of being in an open place. The air must flow naturally.

Presence and sounds of water or fire

The areas that incorporate these elements provide serenity to the environment. This improves the experience by providing an auditory connection such as the crackling of fire or the sound of flowing water.

Connection with natural systems

It is important that the place is surrounded by green areas, has proximity to parks, beaches, rivers, lakes, squares or natural environments.

In short, this type of architecture and design includes better lighting, more fresh air, the use of non-toxic products, natural elements such as plants, water, stones, etc. In addition, it helps reduce the environmental impact.

In the Riviera Maya, more and more developers have joined this trend by creating homes that blend with the environment. In VRICO Real Estate we have an exclusive catalog of green condos that, besides being immersed in lush vegetation, they have a biophilic architecture and design that lets you reconnect with nature.

Book a tour today and come see them!

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Sustainability: the new investment trend

How can architecture change the world?

The Mayan Riviera is a place where you can find countless natural beauties and great tourist attractions. This is the reason why more than 21 million people visit the destination every year and, therefore, is a key point for real estate investment and construction.

So much has been said about the importance of exploiting land in a sustainable way and thinking about the future. Although there are many gaps in the municipal and federal regulations in our country, there are developers who are making the difference by adding this necessary trend when building housing complexes. They realized the economic, social and environmental benefits that this creates, so they are now doing business in a more sustainable way.

In this journey, the developers must be the ones who encourage the change through the design of buildings according to their environmental conditions, which is important for real sustainability.

Day after day a new real estate development is planned and month after month we see how luxury condos are being built within the Riviera Maya, but NOT all of them are planned thinking about our environment. Sustainability in architecture focuses on the development of projects taking advantage of available renewable resources.

Real estate developments with a true vision of the future are implementing these technologies to get a better value and to help preserve our natural wealth and the beauty of our land. This is sustainability.

Could Tulum be the first sustainable destination in Mexico?

A clear example of what we just mentioned above is Tulum, Quintana Roo. Although, there’s a lot of work to do and measures to implement, many developers are setting up these sustainable techniques:

  • Sewage treatment
  • Biodigestores
  • Captation of rainwater
  • Solar Technology
  • Ecological materials and the region
  • Architectural Architecture

If you are looking for a good investment opportunity and you are interested in sustainability, you should know that there are some real estate projects in the Riviera Maya that have a sustainable philosophy.

Actually, one of the first projects that merged sustainability with luxury surrounded by the jungle is located in the heart of Tulum. This project has a wastewater treatment system, solar panels for electricity and an architecture that allows the use of light and natural resources in a more efficient way.

You can find condos that create the perfect balance between nature and a contemporary design with the use of eco technologies, an others with a more organic design that will allow the growth of endemic plants in the region.

In any case, in VRICO Real Estate we have sort through hundreds of listings

-that called themselves sustainable- and have selected the real ones just for you. Check out our selection of truly sustainable luxury homes in Tulum. Invest with style.

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Real Estate Consultancy

Here is a brief real estate investment advice that you can put into practice today!

Have you ever invested in real estate before? Or, is it something that interests you, but you do not know anything about real estate investments? Whatever your case is, we have some useful tips that will increase your success in this industry.

Here are some real estate investment tips that will be of great help:

Establish a Limited Liability Company

If you have decided to invest in real estate, do it professionally by establishing a limited liability company. This will protect you and any future investment you make. It will also help you with certain tax benefits thanks to your business dealings.

Seeing is believing

Never invest your money in a property that you have not personally seen and inspected carefully. You may find vendors that will offer to cover the inspection visit, but it is better to always find someone you trust, such as an expert company with experience in the real estate field.

Two aspects that you should consider

When entering the real estate world as a business, remember two very important things:

  • Carefully study the potential value of the property as it is
  • Find out how much can you earn by renting it

These two elements are the key to generating an active business.

Both numbers will be evidence of a safe and convenient investment. At VRICO, we work so that you are aware of this particular situation.

Our goal is that our clients learn everything about tax laws and current taxation. However, since there are many variables, it is always better to have a good advisor who understands and keeps abreast of the necessary laws to cover the entire legal context applicable to your investment. Your success is guaranteed when being advised by the best.

In conclusion, if you are familiar with real estate investments or simply have interest in this field, these tips will be very useful. Use them and find success in the world of real estate investment today with VRICO REAL ESTATE.


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One day in Playa del Carmen

Un día en Playa del Carmen

Knowing that the Riviera Maya receives more than 15,000,000 tourists every year, a day in Playa del Carmen does not sound enough, right? There is so much to see and do in this vibrant city and its surroundings that, to really live all it has to offer, it would take a whole year (or more). This is one of the reasons why there are so many recurring tourists who never get tired of coming back over and over again. There is always something different to discover!

Certainly, it is also one of the reasons why so many tourists have become local. Every day you hear stories of those who came on vacation and ended up staying forever. That was my case; therefore, I am going to share my favorite itinerary of a day in Playa del Carmen. I invite you to try it, but be careful, maybe one day is not enough to see everything it has to offer, but it’s more than enough to fall in love and decide to stay forever.

Sunrise on the beach

6:00 am.

If you aren’t an early bird like myself, make an effort. I promise it will be worth it. Playa del Carmen is not a place to sleep.

This destination has a privileged location. Thanks to this, we can daily enjoy one of the most wonderful natural shows: the sunrise on the beach.

Choose the beach of your choice and watch as the sun peeks out caressing the sea. The sky and its clouds are also protagonists of this natural art work full of colors.

Don’t forget that in autumn and winter the sun rises at 7:00 a.m. approximately.

Hike on the beach and Hatha Flow Yoga

7:00 a.m. – 9:45 a.m.

after having given a gift to your senses by watching the sunrise, continue pampering your body to balance your day.

While the sun, the sea, the sky and the clouds perform for you, start walking on the beach towards CTM Avenue. Let the fine white sand sneak between your toes. It is the most relaxing sensation. When you reach CTM Ave., head towards 5th Avenue. There you will find “Yoga by the Sea”, one of my favorite yoga studios which offers Hatha Flow classes at 8:30 a.m., a multi-level class that combines classic Hatha Yoga with fluid sequences to create a balanced and complete experience. You will be renewed!

Energizing breakfast

10:00 a.m.

In Playa, there are plenty of places to enjoy a good breakfast. Whether you want something sweet accompanied by coffee, or a much more consistent dish, you can find a perfect place for it. Next to the yoga studio there is a very rustic little restaurant called El Sangharito. Besides being famous for its healthy combinations of natural juices and delicious chilaquiles, it’s one of my favorites!

If you are looking for something healthier, also on CTM Avenue, but walking towards the beach, you will find The Pitted Date. This cozy restaurant and bakery offers 100% vegan and healthy breakfasts from 8:00 a.m. until 2:00 p.m. Try their bombelette or bagelwich… I can’t stop thinking about them!

Enjoy the beach

12:00 pm. – 6:00 pm.

If you are staying in a place facing the sea, do not hesitate to spend the afternoon on one of their lounge chairs. Otherwise, and if you are looking for a more exclusive experience, Playa Mamitas is for you. It is located on 28th Street and the beach.

Being the trendiest beach club, the youngsters who frequent it and the live music give it a festive atmosphere. You can rent sunbeds and beach umbrellas. In addition, it has a swimming pool, a delicious restaurant, massage services, and well-equipped bathrooms. Just the perfect place to relax all day at the beach.

Playacar Phase 1 is another favorite. To get there, you only need to walk a few minutes south from the ferry dock that goes to Cozumel. It is a place with fewer tourists and more sand. There are no facilities, so it is necessary to bring your own beach umbrella, food and drinks.

Go for a walk along La Quinta Avenida

7:00 p.m.

5th Avenue is the main street of Playa del Carmen. It is parallel to the coast and works as a pedestrian promenade for tourists and locals. The avenue is full of a variety of street artists. You can go for a walk and enjoy their art or sit down to dine on the terrace of one of its international restaurants.

There are also lots of luxury boutiques, souvenir shops and street vendors. So while you walk, you can take advantage and go shopping!

Enjoy the nightlife

9:00 pm.

Playa del Carmen comes alive at night! 5th Avenue, especially the area on 12th Street, is one of the best nightlife places in the city. There are numerous bars and clubs that are very worthwhile. Among them you will find the famous Coco Bongo.

If you’re like me and prefer a night of drinks, but quieter, visit Catch, a restaurant on the rooftop of the Thompson hotel, you’ll love it. They usually have events and live DJs.

If you follow my itinerary, I assure you that you will want to stay forever!





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The Benefits of the Mayan Train Project for the Real Estate Sector

The Benefits of the Mayan Train Project for the Real Estate Sector

The Mayan Train project promises to bring great benefits to the regions traced on its route. The tourism industry and the real estate sector will benefit most.

Mexico enjoys an incomparable wealth in nature, gastronomy, culture and traditions. Today, the country ranks 6th in the World Tourism Ranking. The Mayan archaeological sites, for example, are some of the most important destinations. Each year, almost 7,000,000 tourists visit sites such as Chichen Itza, Tulum, and Teotihuacán.

The Mayan Train

With the Mayan Train project, the aim is to further boost tourism in southern Mexico. The goal is that by the year 2024 eight thousand tourists be received daily only in the Yucatan peninsula. With this, cultural wealth will be used to a greater extent by integrating, in a single route, the main Mayan archaeological centers: Tabasco, Chiapas, Campeche, Yucatan, and Quintana Roo.

The route

Its route will comprise three sections: Jungle with 426 kilometers, Caribbean with 446, and Gulf with 653; and it will stop in 15 stations:

  • Merida
  • Izamal
  • Chichen Itza
  • Valladolid
  • Cancun
  • Puerto Morelos
  • Playa del Carmen
  • Tulum
  • F. Carrillo Puerto
  • Bacalar
  • Calakmul
  • Escarcega
  • Tenosique
  • Palenque
  • Campeche City

The tour aims to extend the tourists’ visit, which translates into greater economic benefits and income collection in the communities.

The Benefits in the Riviera Maya

The modern Mayan Train will begin to be built in 2020. This project will be a great economic trigger for southern Mexico.

The benefits that will bring to the Riviera Maya are:

  • The setting up of tourist and real estate developments, such as hotels, marinas, restaurants, golf courses, and housing developments.
  • An important growth in the local services infrastructure.
  • Interconnectivity with international airports will be easier, so the overload of vehicles from Cancun to the Mayan Riviera will be avoided.
  • A favorable economic cycle: employment generation, an increase of the population that will be attracted by this, and the growing economic activity.
  • An increase in the real estate added value in the area generated by a greater tourist offer and housing demand.
  • Investment opportunities.

Southern Mexico will offer huge opportunities for tourism real estate development, especially in medium and luxury residential housing. In some areas further south like Tulum, more ecotourism projects will be seen. Both developments will be focused on both the Mexican and foreign markets.

If you are a real estate investor or are thinking about buying a property, we recommend you to evaluate future investment projects in these areas today, so that you can enjoy tomorrow the great economic benefits promised by this ambitious project.

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38th Street: The most beautiful in Playa del Carmen

If Playa del Carmen is known as the heart of the Mayan Riviera, then its 38th Street could be considered today as the blood that fills it with life.

Few years ago

Just a few years ago, the famous Fifth Avenue, its restaurants and boutiques went all along from Plaza Paseo del Carmen to 38th Street.

Fundadores Park was then the ideal place to spend a relaxed afternoon in front of the sea, have an ice cream and enjoy the “Voladores de Papantla” performance. After witnessing the ancient ritual, it was normal to walk down 5th Avenue, go through a couple of shops and choose a nice restaurant for dinner. Later in the evening, approaching 12th Street and choosing one of its bars or clubs until the sun came out was considered routine.

If the walk (or the shopping) extended all along 5th Avenue, 38th Street would have marked the end, and only few ventured to walk “until there”. Today, everything has changed.

Playa del Carmen today

It is true that the Fifth Avenue is still a real trendy strip. Its more than four kilometers of shops, boutiques, stalls, bars, restaurants and nightclubs go across the city from north to south. From big international chains like iHop, Starbucks, Victoria’s Secret, and H & M, to rock star bars, pubs, or art galleries, Fifth Avenue has something for everyone.

However, 38th Street, which used to be the end of the route, has now become the main street and the most beautiful one in Playa del Carmen.

38th Street

While you walk towards the north on 5th Avenue, after passing 34th Street, you will find a small roundabout. Turn right on the direction to the beach, you will find an unmistakable street thanks to the large trees that (apparently) want to intertwine with each other to form an arch. At night, the warm lights hanging from those trees make the path more romantic and give the street a bohemian touch.

This street has a special atmosphere compared to the hustle and bustle of 5th  Avenue, but at night, it really comes to life. The lights of restaurants and bars give a colorful and unique touch that mixes with the music of each place.

Two years ago I moved to a beautiful condo very close to 38th Street. Today, I couldn’t be happier. The walks with my husband, the baby and my dog have become much more pleasant. By day, the trees refresh us with their shade. At night, the atmosphere that accompanies our walk brightens our path and makes us feel very safe. Every week I spend an afternoon on the beach at the end of 38th Street, although it is true that it doesn’t have any facilities, I usually stay for a while under the shade of a palm tree reading a book. If you prefer something with more life, you can walk one block left to 40th Street where the music of La Martina beach club DJ awaits you.

Culinary experience

Playa del Carmen offers a wide variety of haute cuisine options. On 38th Street you will find everything: cafés, restaurants, bars, ice cream shops, and even French bakeries!

For breakfast, few places serve chilaquiles as good as in La Cueva del Chango: red, green, spicy, vegan, however you want them! It is a classic and unforgettable place in Playa del Carmen.

Another very Mexican option is La Vagabunda, whose doors opened just a step away from the beach starting in 2019. Without a question, it is one of the favorites among expats.

But if you prefer freshly baked bread, LABRIOCHE is a French artisan bakery that offers traditional delicacies such as tartines and viennoiseries. The only place where you can have breakfast at any time of the day!

For lunch, Amate, an open-air restaurant, offers typical Yucatecan cuisine under the canopy of large trees. Next to the tables runs a stream with fish and turtles that gives life to the place.

Da’ Martina signature cuisine is a small Italian restaurant that I consider the hidden treasure of Playa del Carmen. They constantly renew their menu proposal surprising their visitors with new dishes. It is not a typical Italian restaurant. This place will give you a complete culinary experience of excellent quality created by the youngest chef in the city.

For dinner, definitely my favorite is Trujillos Cantina de Selva, a Mexican restaurant nestled among lush trees that will make you feel inside the jungle. In addition to having very traditional dishes (and delicious), the space and the environment will make you connect with the deepest of Mother Nature. Don’t forget to try their Chayote with Kastakán or their Grilled Octopus.

Another interesting offer is the restaurant-bar La Piola, a classic in Playa. The atmosphere is always very pleasant. Both locals and foreigners meet there to taste their famous pizzas. My favorites: Beef Carpaccio and Pizza Maremonti.

If your palate is more exotic, the Gluay Maai Thai has a Thai chef who has prepared an authentic menu from his home country. The romantic atmosphere with warm light gives it a special touch, but the best is the food. Everything is delicious! It has vegetarian options and a spicy level to choose from.

These are just some of my recommendations. Certainly, 38th Street has something for everyone. Its popularity has grown so much today, that more and more establishments seek to open a space to be in the trendiest place in Playa del Carmen. Come and see it for yourself!

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Discovering the Mexican Caribbean: Let’s go to sea with Dani Correa


THE INVESTORS PARADISE Meet the best real estate investment projects in the Mexican Caribbean with the advisors, experts and friends of “The Investors Paradise” INMOBILIARIA VRICO INVITES YOU TO BE PART OF OUR CHANNEL “THE INVESTORS PARADISE” club investors and real estate channel focused on knowing and recommending the best experiences and real estate investment opportunities within the Riviera Maya. Investing in real estate is one of the best decisions investors around the world can make. For this reason, we show you by the hand of our best. KNOW THE BEST DEVELOPMENTS AND MOST SUCCESSFUL PROPERTIES ON THE MARKET What do you expect? You can be an investor too! Subscribe now,we are waiting for you.




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9 Benefits of Living on the Beach

9 Benefits of Living on the Beach VRICO0000

In recent years there has been a notorious increase in the number of people who decide to change their place of residence to beach destinations leaving behind fixed jobs, family, friends, and the comforts of living in a big city. But, what moves them to do it? Is it true that “an ocean breeze puts a mind at ease?”

Well, to prove it here are scientific, social, and cultural data that support that living by the sea is a great idea:

  1. More serotonin, less stress

A study published in the journal LiveScience indicates that the negative ionization of the sea breeze causes the serotonin body levels to increase and, thus, it reduces anxiety (serotonin is the neurotransmitter responsible for leveling stress).

2.   Better breathing

The high mineral content of the sea breeze improves the scenario for patients with chronic respiratory symptoms. Also, the humidity improves the mucous membranes.

3.   Protection against infections and better metabolism

Iodine, present in the sea breeze, has bactericidal functions, which contributes to having fewer respiratory and ocular infections incidences. It also stimulates thyroid metabolism and better absorption of some nutrients.

4.   Better blood pressure

The closer we are to the sea, the higher the air column is, so the amount of oxygen available to us is bigger. This nourishes our organs and tissues so our blood pressure tends to improve.

5.  Greater physical activity

Living near the sea gives us the opportunity to carry out outdoor activities in a continuous and constant manner, which is why this affects physical and health condition.

6.   Live on permanent vacations

How many times, trapped in our offices, we look forward to the summer in order to escape to some paradisiac destination? Well, when you live on the beach, it’s just a matter of taking your towel and sandals and going to the nearest beach any day you want! Even if you work in an office you can do it when you finish working or on the weekends.

7.   Less traffic

Normally the cities on the coast are smaller, so reaching your destination does not take more than 20 minutes, which is the dream of any inhabitant of a large city.

8.   Permanent contact with nature

Waking up and seeing the sea through the window, lush vegetation, listening to the sound of the birds in the morning, and being able to witness sunrises and sunsets as part of your daily agenda, generates a state of peace and unbeatable gratitude.

9.  A less accelerated life

It may be due to the fact that coastal cities are regularly smaller or because of the strenuous heat, but life on the beach runs slower. People do not live in constant haste, which can be a great attraction for those inhabitants of large cities who seek to escape from its chaos.

So yes, we can definitely say that an ocean breeze puts a mind at ease, so if you’re considering moving to a different destination, the beach should be on top of your list. You just need to start packing! What are you waiting for?