9 Benefits of Living on the Beach

In recent years there has been a notorious increase in the number of people who decide to change their place of residence to beach destinations leaving behind fixed jobs, family, friends, and the comforts of living in a big city. But, what moves them to do it? Is it true that “an ocean breeze puts a mind at ease?”

Well, to prove it here are scientific, social, and cultural data that support that living by the sea is a great idea:

  1. More serotonin, less stress

A study published in the journal LiveScience indicates that the negative ionization of the sea breeze causes the serotonin body levels to increase and, thus, it reduces anxiety (serotonin is the neurotransmitter responsible for leveling stress).

2.   Better breathing

The high mineral content of the sea breeze improves the scenario for patients with chronic respiratory symptoms. Also, the humidity improves the mucous membranes.

3.   Protection against infections and better metabolism

Iodine, present in the sea breeze, has bactericidal functions, which contributes to having fewer respiratory and ocular infections incidences. It also stimulates thyroid metabolism and better absorption of some nutrients.

4.   Better blood pressure

The closer we are to the sea, the higher the air column is, so the amount of oxygen available to us is bigger. This nourishes our organs and tissues so our blood pressure tends to improve.

5.  Greater physical activity

Living near the sea gives us the opportunity to carry out outdoor activities in a continuous and constant manner, which is why this affects physical and health condition.

6.   Live on permanent vacations

How many times, trapped in our offices, we look forward to the summer in order to escape to some paradisiac destination? Well, when you live on the beach, it’s just a matter of taking your towel and sandals and going to the nearest beach any day you want! Even if you work in an office you can do it when you finish working or on the weekends.

7.   Less traffic

Normally the cities on the coast are smaller, so reaching your destination does not take more than 20 minutes, which is the dream of any inhabitant of a large city.

8.   Permanent contact with nature

Waking up and seeing the sea through the window, lush vegetation, listening to the sound of the birds in the morning, and being able to witness sunrises and sunsets as part of your daily agenda, generates a state of peace and unbeatable gratitude.

9.  A less accelerated life

It may be due to the fact that coastal cities are regularly smaller or because of the strenuous heat, but life on the beach runs slower. People do not live in constant haste, which can be a great attraction for those inhabitants of large cities who seek to escape from its chaos.

So yes, we can definitely say that an ocean breeze puts a mind at ease, so if you’re considering moving to a different destination, the beach should be on top of your list. You just need to start packing! What are you waiting for?

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